Inverted Universal Globe Spin Theory

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This document is meant to bring to light just how Gravity is created and maintained. This is a discovery that came about on October 28, 2007 and was fully completed on December 11, 2007, a discovery that is being labeled the “Inverted Universal Globe Spin Theory”. This discovery was discovered by myself; Dean Short.

There are three documents attached to this website. There is (1) the “Cliff Note’s Version” that documents and summarizes the major points, (2) there is the “Expanded Version” that documents each step of the discovery, and finally (3) there is the almost Perfect Illustration or Example the “Turnbuckle Tool”. I would also encourage you to review the “In Defense of the Theory” tab as it goes on to address challenges made to the theory. The challenges to the theory were actually very helpful and so far each challenge has only ended up supporting or clarifying the theory.

The almost “Perfect Illustration or Example” the “Turnbuckle Tool” simply drives home the physics of the theory and helps to clarify how gravity actually does work here on planet earth. I say “almost” because the perfect illustration or example, the Turnbuckle Tool would need to be modified such that the threads would be placed on the outside of the Turnbuckle Tool in order to properly diagram the physics of the theory, but otherwise the tool makes the point and demonstrates to the observer how an “Inward or Outward Directed Pulling Force” can be created and maintained by simply spinning the turnbuckle in one direction or the other.

This is now the number one website if you were to Google “Gravity Spin Theory”. As of 10-13-2008 no one has been able to refute the theory. While many are having difficulty accepting this new theory, nobody as of yet has been able to dispel the theory because the evidence outlined in this website that is all around us continues to support this theory. The theory simply makes sense and it works.

The discovery of how Gravity actually works has lead to several other significant findings and they would be:

(1) That our planet Earth, our Solar System and everything we see with our eyes outside our Earth’s atmosphere is located inside a rather large Finite Universal Globe, and this Finite Universal Globe is round and it is rotating in a “Clockwise” direction, from the East into the West.

(2) A Further Clarification of Magnetic Fields.

(3) It explains the Primary Cause of Global Warming, or the Aging Process.

(4) It explains how Black Holes are both created and maintained.

(5) Eliminating the Big Bang Theory as a viable Theory of Creation.

(6) It logically explains why our Oceans are warming up from the bottom.

(7) It logically explains why our Earth Rotation is Decreasing, friction against a large force.

(8) It logically explains why Earthquakes will increase in number and magnitude over time.

Historically people have come to believe that “any two objects in the Universe exert gravitational attraction on each other”, or in other words Gravity is found in the mass of an object “in and of itself”. The findings in this discovery will show this theory to be false. Gravity simply does not work that way. Rather, it has been discovered, and documented in this website, that Gravity is created and maintained though an active “Inversion” that is taking place. This inversion takes place when you can get a smaller global object to spin inside a larger spinning global object. There was found to be two types of Gravity. There is an “Inward Directed Pulling Force Center of Gravity” which we all experience here on Earth and there was found to be an “Outward Directed Pulling Force Center of Gravity’ which is found in Black Holes. For example, here on Earth our planet rotates “Counterclockwise”, or from the West into the East, and this is believed to be taking place now inside a rather large Universal Globe that is believed to be rotating “Clockwise”, or from the East into the West based upon the evidence found on our planet. This “Inversion” that is taking place creates and maintains an “Inward Directed Pulling Force” which we call Gravity here on Earth. There is much more to say on this subject but this is basically what is taking place here on Earth. Please review the evidence in the three attached documents.

Somehow thoughout the ages we began to imagine and believe that the Universe is forever endless. At one point in our history we imagined and believed that if you took a ship too far out to Sea it would fall of the ends of the Earth. Then for some reason we reversed this idea when it came to our Universe and we imagined and believed that the Universe was somehow endless and we never thought of it as finite. There is only one logical and reasonable way you can obtain an “Inward Directed Center of Gravity” here on Earth based upon the evidence around us. The only one way is by getting our planet Earth to rotate in an opposite direction inside a much larger global object, which means that our Universal is both global and finite.

Magnetic Fields do not just happen but they are an outcome of gravity at work. This “Inversion” that is creating and maintaining an “Inward Directed Pulling Force” which we call Gravity is not only keeping our Solar System together, but it is also creating and maintaining the Magnetic Fields that are keeping the planets apart from one another, or else we would find ourselves drifting into the Sun.

The primary cause of Global Warming is not what people think (pollutants), but rather Global Warming is primarily created through the Aging of Gravity. An “Inverted Spin” is forever increasing the pressure level inside our Earth’s Core. This forever increasing pressure is raising the boiling point at the Earth’s Core. When you raise the boiling point of anything you increase the temperature. We are primarily warming up from the inside out. The same thing is taking place inside our Sun as well. It too is getting warmer as it rotates “Counterclockwise”, which in turn is warming our Earth from the outside in.

Before I go any further here, I must provide a couple of thoughts. First, we still need to be good stewards of our planet Earth, so please do not pollute. Second, nobody is going to wake up to a different world tomorrow. This “Aging Gravity Process” is a long gradual process and so there is no need for anyone to panic. This aging process has been taking place for quite some time. Thirdly, without an “Inward Directed Center of Gravity” we would not be able to live on this planet. Without Gravity our feet would not stay on the ground and without Gravity our Earth would be very, very cold. Gravity is good and it is helpful, but gravity also ages over time and increases the pressure of our Earth’s Core.

Just as the “Coriolis Effect” will be shown to be part of the evidence here on earth to support an “Inward Directed Pulling Force”, or in other words an “Inward Directed Center of Gravity” as experienced here on Earth, Black Holes will be shown to be part of the evidence in Outer Space by reflecting the very opposite of Earth’s Gravity. In a Black Hole you find an “Outward Directed Pulling Force” or put in other works an “Outward Directed Center of Gravity”. I looked for support of our Earth’s system of Gravity by looking for the very opposite set of conditions in a Black Hole and there they were.

The reason for eliminating the Big Bang Theory as a viable theory for our Origin is simply based upon the fact that you cannot have a “Big Bang Creation Theory” taking place inside an enclosed area, (the Finite Universal Globe). It is really that logical and that simple.

I know that what is being claimed here is significant and at first it will be a challenge to get your thoughts around it, as I am still trying to get my thoughts around it myself.

The documents found in each one of the Versions will walk you though the factual evidence that supports this discovery, (s). The evidence is readily found on our planet Earth. There is also evidence in Outer Space as well to support these claims.

No longer will you be asked to believe in something just because it sounds like a “lofty great idea”, a great idea that is so big that you can not really ever test it, but now you are going to be asked to consider a theory based upon the factual evidence that actually has always been all around us. Evidence that before was never fully understood. For example we will look at:

(1) The “Coriolis Effect” that is found in both Storm Systems and Water Drains here on Earth
(2) Vortex Formations that are also found in both Storm Systems and Water Drains
(3) Inverted Systems we already know about that create and maintain an “Inward Directed Pulling Force”

You should know that I first contacted both NASA and the NSF, (National Science Foundation) within the first week of the discovery. I felt it was my duty as an American citizen to do so. They wrote back and would not meet with me, I regret.

You should also know that when the discovery only included “how Gravity actually was working” and Global Warming was not even a part of the picture it was a very exciting period of time. But when the Global Warming became a part of the logical picture it became a very sobering experience as a fellow resident of Earth. Maybe someone hopefully will come along and be able to prove that this theory is completely invalid and here is why… I was led by what I believe is the truth and the body of evidence that I believe supports the truth of what is being claimed in this website.

Earthquakes are simply the movement of the Earth's Crust. Under this theory there are two very important factors or influences upon the Earth's Crust, (1) an ever growing or increasing pressure at the center of the Earth's Core, and (2) an ever growing or increasing temperature at the Earth's Core. As Gravity Ages over time you logically should expect that both the number and magnitude of Earthquakes here on Earth would increase over time.

I know of no other way to share this information with you than to just get to it.

Now that we are getting to it, let me say that there were mistakes made along the way. There were a number of wrong assumptions made. I struggled with either taking out all the mistakes and giving you the final outcome, or leaving them in and telling you which ones they are. I have decided that the better course of action is to leave them in and tell you where the mistakes were made. There are two valid reasons why. First, if I took them all out you would miss out on how the discovery, (s) were made, but more important than the first reason why is because more often than not a wrong idea leads to a correct idea. If I took out all the wrong ideas you would then have no idea of how I figured out the logic of what ended up being the final discovery, (s).

One last word, I want to thank Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. We live in a day and age where information is a keyboard away. There is no copyright claim upon the information found in Wikipedia’s free encyclopedia, or any other third party source. The use of Wikipedia’s information is being solely used to support this theory. It is part of the factual evidence to support such claims in this document “The Inverted Universal Globe Spin Theory”.

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